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Mistakes were huge… This time it was totally opposite”: Iga Swiatek Gives Honest Explanation After Shock US Open Exit


The US Open, one of tennis’s most prestigious tournaments, is known for producing moments of sheer brilliance, heartbreak, and unexpected upsets. In the 2023 edition of the tournament, the tennis world witnessed a stunning and unexpected twist as reigning French Open champion, Iga Swiatek, suffered a shock exit in the early rounds. Swiatek, the 21-year-old Polish sensation, who had been touted as a favorite for the title, faced a surprising defeat, leaving fans and analysts alike pondering the reasons behind her early departure. In this article, we explore Iga Swiatek’s honest explanation for her shocking US Open exit and the lessons she can draw from this unexpected setback.

The Early Exit

Iga Swiatek’s journey at the 2023 US Open came to an abrupt halt in the third round when she faced world number 45, Paula Badosa. The match, played under the lights of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, ended in straight sets, with Badosa securing a comfortable 6-4, 6-3 victory. It was a result that took the tennis world by surprise, given Swiatek’s recent achievements, including her Grand Slam win at Roland Garros in 2022.

Swiatek had come into the US Open with high expectations and a solid season under her belt. Her aggressive and versatile style of play had won her many admirers, and she was considered one of the contenders for the title. However, her early exit raised questions about her form, mindset, and preparation for the tournament.

Swiatek’s Honest Explanation

After her unexpected loss to Badosa, Iga Swiatek faced the media with commendable candor and offered a straightforward explanation for her defeat. She acknowledged that mistakes had played a significant role in her early exit, stating, “Mistakes were huge in this match, especially from my forehand side, which is something that I usually don’t do.” Swiatek’s uncharacteristic errors were indeed a notable aspect of her loss, as her forehand, one of her signature shots, had often been a reliable weapon in her arsenal.

Furthermore, Swiatek highlighted the stark contrast between her performance in the match and her recent form, noting, “This time it was totally opposite because I was playing very well in the previous matches and today I was just making mistakes.” This juxtaposition between her recent success and her performance at the US Open was a source of frustration for Swiatek, who was clearly disappointed by her inability to replicate her previous level of play.

Key Takeaways and Lessons

  1. Mental Resilience: Tennis is not only a physical sport but also a mental one. Swiatek’s honest explanation demonstrates her awareness of the mental aspects of the game. Learning to handle the pressure, stay focused, and maintain composure in high-stakes matches will be essential for her future success.
  2. Analyzing Mistakes: Swiatek’s ability to identify and acknowledge her mistakes is a crucial step in her development as a player. It shows her willingness to confront her weaknesses and work on them. Her forehand, in particular, will likely be a focus of her training.
  3. Consistency: The disparity between her excellent form leading up to the US Open and her performance at the tournament itself underscores the importance of consistency. Maintaining a high level of play over the course of a Grand Slam is a challenge that all top players must overcome.
  4. Adjustment to Conditions: Swiatek’s struggles at the US Open could also be attributed to factors like the court conditions, weather, or the pressure of playing under the Arthur Ashe Stadium lights. Learning to adapt to various conditions and atmospheres is a skill that comes with experience.
  5. Balancing Expectations: As a Grand Slam champion and top-ranked player, Swiatek faces heightened expectations. Managing these expectations and the pressure that comes with them is a crucial aspect of her growth as a player.
  6. Rising Competition: The world of women’s tennis is filled with talented players, and the competition is fierce. Swiatek’s loss serves as a reminder that no player is invincible, and anyone can be a formidable opponent on a given day. Staying prepared and respecting every opponent is essential.


Iga Swiatek’s honest explanation after her shocking US Open exit offers a glimpse into her mindset and determination as she navigates the challenging world of professional tennis. While the loss was undoubtedly disappointing, it also provides valuable lessons for her future development as a player. Swiatek’s ability to analyze her performance, acknowledge her mistakes, and strive for improvement will be key factors in her quest for continued success in the sport.

It is important to remember that setbacks and defeats are an inevitable part of an athlete’s journey. How one responds to these setbacks often defines their career. In the case of Iga Swiatek, her candid assessment of her performance and her determination to learn from this experience suggest that she is well-equipped to face future challenges and continue her ascent in the world of tennis. As she refines her skills, hones her mental resilience, and maintains a balanced perspective on success and failure, Swiatek remains a bright prospect in the world of women’s tennis, with the potential for many more triumphs in her future.

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