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Queen Elizabeth’s Heartwarming Tradition: Waiting for Lilibet with a Birthday Cake


Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, is not only known for her regal demeanor but also for her deeply personal and touching traditions. One of these heartwarming customs revolves around her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, fondly known as “Lilibet” within the royal family. Despite her busy schedule and numerous royal duties, the Queen has made it a point to wait for Lilibet with a birthday cake every year. However, there’s a poignant twist to this annual celebration – the candle on the cake is never lit. This touching tradition is a testament to the Queen’s enduring love for her granddaughter and the unique bond they share. In this article, we delve into the history and significance of this touching tradition that spans generations within the British royal family.

A Bond Beyond Royalty

Queen Elizabeth II, born on April 21, 1926, has seen the world change dramatically during her reign, which has spanned nearly seven decades. Amid the grandeur and formality of her position, she has always been a devoted grandmother. Her close relationship with her grandchildren has often been portrayed as a counterpoint to her role as a monarch, providing a glimpse into the more personal and human side of the Queen.

Princess Charlotte, born on May 2, 2015, is the second child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Her full name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, carries significant historical and family ties. The name “Elizabeth” was a tribute to her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and “Diana” honors her late grandmother, Princess Diana. It’s no surprise that Queen Elizabeth, who holds a special place in her heart for her great-grandchildren, developed a unique tradition to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birthdays.

The Tradition Begins: A Candle That’s Never Lit

The tradition of Queen Elizabeth waiting for Lilibet with a birthday cake began shortly after Princess Charlotte’s birth. As the young royal celebrated her first birthday, the Queen decided to mark the occasion in a particularly touching way. On the day of Charlotte’s birthday, a small birthday cake with a single candle was placed on a table in a private drawing room within Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth, despite her busy schedule, would make time to visit this room and sit beside the cake, patiently waiting for Princess Charlotte to arrive. The candle on the cake, however, was never lit. Instead, it remained unburned, a symbol of the Queen’s enduring love and hope for her great-granddaughter’s long and prosperous life.

The Significance of the Unlit Candle

The unlit candle on Princess Charlotte’s birthday cake holds a profound and symbolic meaning. It represents a wish for a life untouched by sorrow or adversity, a sentiment that every grandmother, regardless of her royal status, holds for her grandchildren. Queen Elizabeth’s tradition is a poignant reflection of the role of a grandmother, transcending her public image as the head of state.

The Queen’s decision not to light the candle is a powerful symbol of her hope that Princess Charlotte’s life remains free from the burdens and challenges that often accompany royal duty. It is a subtle yet deeply emotional statement that underscores the Queen’s commitment to protecting and nurturing her family members, even amid the grandeur and tradition of the British monarchy.

A Timeless Tradition

What makes this tradition even more special is its continuity. The Queen has faithfully upheld this ritual for each of Princess Charlotte’s birthdays. Every year, the unlit candle serves as a reminder of the Queen’s unwavering love and devotion to her great-granddaughter. It’s a tradition that has captured the hearts of people worldwide and showcases the enduring bond between generations in the royal family.

Princess Charlotte’s parents, Prince William and Catherine, have expressed their appreciation for Queen Elizabeth’s tradition. They have shared that it is a heartfelt gesture that brings the family closer together and highlights the importance of family bonds, even in the midst of royal responsibilities.

The Tradition’s Impact on the Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth’s tradition with Princess Charlotte reflects a broader shift in the way the British royal family approaches their roles. While maintaining their public duties and responsibilities, the younger generation of royals has embraced a more open and emotionally expressive approach to parenting and grandparenting.

This tradition is one example of how the royal family seeks to balance their public roles with their private lives. It demonstrates that, behind the façade of palaces and ceremonies, they share the same familial love, hopes, and dreams as any other family.

A Tradition of Love and Legacy

As Queen Elizabeth II continues to reign, her tradition of waiting for Lilibet with a birthday cake serves as a touching symbol of love, hope, and familial devotion. It is a poignant reminder that, even in the grandeur of Buckingham Palace, the heart of the royal family beats with the same emotions and love that are found in households around the world.

The unlit candle on Princess Charlotte’s cake tells a story of heritage and legacy, carrying forward the wishes and blessings of a great-grandmother to her great-granddaughter. It is a tradition that transcends generations and reinforces the significance of family bonds in the life of the British monarchy.


In the grand tapestry of British royal history, Queen Elizabeth’s tradition of waiting for Lilibet with a birthday cake is a heartwarming and cherished thread. It is a gesture of love, hope, and family that resonates with people worldwide. This tradition reminds us that, despite their extraordinary roles and responsibilities, the royal family is fundamentally a family like any other, bound by love and a shared commitment to the well-being of their youngest members.

As Princess Charlotte grows and matures, this tradition will undoubtedly continue to be a cherished part of her life, a reminder of her great-grandmother’s love and devotion. It is a tradition that reflects the enduring values and connections that transcend time and royalty, reminding us all of the importance of family, love, and hope.

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