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Stovetop Burgers (How to Cook Burgers on the Stove)

Stovetop Burgers  are simpler than you naturally suspect! Figuring out how to cook the ideal burgers on the oven implies you can make this simple supper whenever of year. Structure essentially prepared burger patties, sear them in a skillet, and carve out the specific cooking opportunity and temperature to ensure you hit the nail on the head. You’ll cook the best burgers and cheeseburgers, with your garnishes of decision, every single time!

What’s in this Hamburger Recipe?

A few ingredients and twenty minutes are all it takes to make burgers on the stove. The central thing you want is ground meat, and afterward the cheddar, garnishes, and flavors depend on you. This is one of my #1 burger recipes since it’s so basic and adaptable!

 Ground Chuck:

Ground toss is great for burger patties. I suggest a lean 80/20.


I keep the flavoring straightforward with salt and pepper to taste. Be that as it may, go ahead and include garlic and onion powder, paprika, or your number one burger preparing mix.


A cut of American or cheddar is ideal for cheeseburgers, yet any sort turns out great (attempt pepper jack or swiss). Or on the other hand you can skirt the cheddar in the event that you favor a cheeseburger.

Hamburger Buns:

Snatch your number one buns for serving. Any kind will do, but brioche buns are a great way to give them a little more of a gourmet feel.


Top with your number one fixings! Add lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, caramelized onions, sweet relish, and that’s just the beginning.


Add mayo, mustard, ketchup, burger sauce, relish, or any fixings you like.

How long do you cook burgers on the stove? (medium-rare to well-done)

From grilled to perfection to great, here are the inward temperatures and cooking times (per side and aggregate) while making burgers in a skillet.

Note:  To ensure that all bacteria are killed, the FDA recommends that hamburgers be cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F. Make sure you use the freshest beef or even make your own ground beef if you decide to cook it more to medium.

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